Unwelcome Interview

Roger’s coffee had cooled considerably but he hardly noticed. There were only two situations he allowed his coffee to get cold. Either he was shoulders deep working on an engine or he was having a particularly great conversation. This cup had been neglected for the second reason. “‘Ey, Roger,” said one of the three dwarves sitying at his table […]


A Park

The crow sat on a park bench And the crow is all that it was. A nameless entity, a smear of anonymity, because what was a name to a crow? Simply a word, an abbreviated concept. One word could not sum up its existence, its iridescent quirks, glaring faults and all that whirled inside. No, …

The Corn Maze

How will I get out of this? thought Tina. She’d never been one for puzzles. Too much trouble. It was always his idea to go to the corn maze. Not that that mattered anymore. Tina was dead center in Ezekiel's corn maze, though she hardly knew it. She was also dead but that wasn’t out …