Thoughts and Ramblings

The bloggy part of this blog. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Check out links below to read random thought pieces of no real consequence. Or don’t. You do you.

January 2020- Why I Left the Church (for now): Thoughts on Unworthiness

December 2019-When It’s Okay for Dreams to Die: A Journey through “It’s a Wonderful Life

September 2019- Empty Space on the Couch: Living with Losing a Community

August 2019- How to Wreck Your Life: DIY Toxic Cesspool

July 2019-Be Unproductive: Taking a Hard Corner After Burnout

June 2019-Wave Hello to my Inner Impostor

May 2019- Why I’m Obsessed with True Crime

April 2019-The Unlikely Relationship Between Perfectionism and Procrastination

March 2019-wonderful little things

February 2019-Setting the Bar Low: How to Make Lifelong Goals You Might Actually Accomplish

January 2019-Taking a Break from What You Love

December 2018-On Doing Things Badly

November 2018-Checkpoints and Where We Went Wrong

October 2018-The Lies We Tell the Dentist

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