Writing Samples

Script Sample – Heaven’s Rejects

Jersey, Supernatural Bureau slack-off and half-demon, has just been assigned a new partner, an angel and star agent named Constantine. Catch up with their misadventures in the Ren’Py novella, Heaven’s Rejects.

Chapter 1 is available below in both branching form and traditional singular narrative form.

Character Description Sample – Bitter Roots


Bobby is the depressed lead fry cook at Pattywhack Diner as well as Jamie’s boyfriend. He’s been keeping a blog detailing the misfortunes of Pattywhack and the town of Muffler since the meat trees first appeared. Though he hates his job, he’s desperate for the money because his mom is in a care facility being treated for cancer. He’s been missing for three days. 


Jamie, collector of plushies and former cashier at Pattywhack Diner, is worried about her boyfriend, Bobby, who’s been missing three days. She returned to the town of Muffler to rescue him.  Her mom was a part of the church cult until their family moved to Oklahoma City. Despite her troubles, Jamie is a glass-half-full kind of gal.


Gabby is a cashier at Pattywhack Diner. Just the right amount of cynicism and wit, she’s always ready to roast customers behind their backs (and sometimes, even to their faces). She lives with her abuela on the outskirts of town and is saving up to move her family to a better place.

Humor Barks – Burgurr Blitz

After correct tickets:

You’re really getting in the *wing* of it. (Laugh Track)

Speed it up, buttercup. You don’t want to be stuck playing *ketchup,* do you? (Laugh track)

Let’s *flap* to it! (Laugh track)


Ticket modifiers

Ticket 23 wants their fingernails before their Pattysause™ instead of after.

Make sure ticket 30 has cheese on it.

If you screw up a ticket:

Oh fiddlesticks, it looks like you *clucked* up! (Laugh track.) Isn’t that a bummer? Anyways, you’re fired. Make sure to give your key back on the way out or we’ll press charges.

Encouraging Barks – Collector

Hey gorgeous! And I mean that purely platonically.

Not everything is as permanent as it feels. Don’t be afraid to push through walls.

You’re doing better than you realize.

It’s alright to be sad about moving forward even if you’re leaving behind sad things.

Item DescriptionsUnannounced Plant Game

Snake Grass – Largely considered an invasive species, but herpetologist love it. Pull it out by the roots for a wiggly surprise.

Toadstool (amanita muscaria) – Poisonous mushroom with cute polka dots and great flavor. Try it! Once.

Hemlock – The plant used to execute Socrates. First, it paralyzes its victim, then it shuts down the respiratory system. Antidotes don’t exist for this poison.

Belladonna AKA Deadly Nightshade, Devil’s Herb, and Naught Man’s Cherries. This plant’s primary name has to do with its usage: dilating women’s eyes for beauty trends. Don’t try that at home, kids— the “deadly” in deadly nightshade is no joke.

Jacob’s Ladder – A climbing vine with rich, purple flowers. Where will you plant it?

Aloe – The gel in its leaves heals burns.

Foxglove – A gorgeous plant with bell-shaped, freckled flowers. Its toxins can be used to lower the heart rate (sometimes all the way).

Lily-of-the-Valley – A charming stem with cheerful, white flowers. Ingestion causes dizziness, disorientation, excessive salivation, and sudden changes to heartrate. Oh my!

Poison Ivy – Imagine how annoying that special rash is. Imagine that in your lungs. Perhaps consider not putting this in your mouth.

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